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Hispanic Hacker Meetup

Welcome to Hispanic Hackers!

Hispanic Hackers is an Austin-based community that empowers the Latinx tech community. We host events that involve helping, hacking, and getting hired. Feel free to browse our website to learn more!


Hispanic Hackers helps cultivate diversity in the Tech Community through our informative and thought-provoking monthly meetups surrounding the topics in the Latino Community. Our three core values Help, Hack and Hire provide support and connect Latinos across the Tech Industry in Austin, TX.

Hack 🔭

Hispanic Hackers use technology as a conduit to empower our community. During our Hack series, we present topics relevant to Hispanics in Tech with a goal to learn from each other and provide an environment to share opinions and different points of view.

Hire ⚖️

Hispanic Hackers serve as a liaison between companies hoping to hire a more diverse workforce and technology professionals searching for the next step in their career. Coding Interview Practices and other workforce development programs represent some of our leadership in promoting diversity.